Baby Bath Basin
Baby Bath Basin
Baby Bath Basin
Baby Bath Basin
ID: c11197
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Dimension: 862 x 520 x 242.5 mm

Capacity: 40000 ml


The products use 100% PP plastic, non-BPA plastic material, odorless, which does not produce harmful substances during use, that should ensure health safety.


The product is suitable for use in home, restaurants, etc.


The product has a capacity of up to 40L that’s suitable for children from 0 to 4 years old.

The product has the elegant style. The colors are mostly baby colors gentle, elegant and clean.

The basin has Ron anti-slippery performance help you feel safer when bathing your baby.

With two utility compartments, babies can place toys right above the brass ring and mothers can keep the soap clean and comfortable.

Specialized basin to bathe for babies or toddlers. The look of brass eye-catching, making the baby enjoy the bath. There are many colors for you to choose.