DAI DONG TIEN Co-operate And Sponsor For Turkey Dash 5 Charity Funding Program

In the afternoon of 19th November 2017, under heavy rain and wind influenced by storm on large area, the city sank down into the long lasting rain. However, the program still implemented with the participate of over 100 artists and program’s donors.

According to Health Deapartment latest count, on every 500 kids was born in Vietnam, there were 1 of them got Frog’jaw, cleft lip or face malformation on average. Facing of this fact, with the social responsibility aware, Dai Dong Tien is always willing to contribute ours part in sponsoring and calling for people to take action to bring a full life to the future preschool of the country, that is fighting for day and time for the disadvantages of fate.

To see the joyful and happy smiles from unlucky childrens is a motivative for Dai Dong Tien to keep moving forward in social activities, to share and give more helps to diffcult situations in life.

Co-operate and sponsor for Turkey Dash 5 Charity Funding Program – Nu Cuoi Viet for many years, Mrs. Tran Thi Hue, Chairwoman of Dai Dong Tien Co.operation, with all employees of the company, are very happy and appreciated for the Thanks Letter has been send to the company by the Program.

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  • 19/11/2017