Dai Dong Tien ICTI Certified in 2015

ICTI is the abbreviation of the International Council of Toy Industries- International Council of Toy Industries About Children with offices in Hong Kong, headquartered in New York.

ICTI created ICTI Care Process Program, this is social responsibility program for producer. The program aims to ensure equal treatment for workers in global supply chains. Enterprise must to be complaince the strict regulations of the ICTI standards on social responsibility, labor safety, work environment,...Therefore, achieving certification ICTI is a necessary condition to be able to bring products toy of Vietnam go to world market.

Since the establishment of factory Dai Dong Tien Dong Nai, Board of Trustees and Board of Directors set goal in order to Dai Dong Tien Dong Nai  factory become the factory of plastic goods such as high-end such as : children's toys, plastic toys food, medical plastic toys and is the internationally recognized organization. To achieve this goal, the company has continuously invested equipment and machine, modern auxiliary equipment to ensure production operations must be guaranteed, taking place in a safe environment labor such as : noise must not exceed the regulation, the ventilation rate must ensure convection, fire prevention reached 100%, health services must meet safety, all stairs have handrails, all stair must be handrail, the hidden ramp fork must be mounted observation mirror, fully equipped environmental test equipment in service monitoring and control the factory.

Our company also have to plan for the division synchronous followed strictly the rules don’t use child labor, wages and benefits must be paid on time to employees, committed time do not exceed the standards on working hours, ensuring that workers have time off so that they  regenerate their health, but still generate more income conditions.

So after nearly a year of preparation, on 29 May 2015 01 last Co. Ltd Dai Dong Tien Dong Nai, granted international certification ICTI Seal A toy products for its export. This is the result of the right combination between strategic vision of the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Directors along with their best effort of the entire staff, after the evaluation process of the International Council of Toy Industries based on criteria related to social responsibility, occupational safety, working environment that Dai Dong Tien Dong Nai factory achieve compliance.

According to the ICTI, in 2012 there were more than 2226 factories in the world register ICTI certification, but only 1406 certified factories in 31 countries and territories. In Vietnam, there are about 20 companies had certified ICTI, including Dai Dong Tien honor ICTI certified Seal A.

International certification ICTI is the commitment of Dai Dong Tien with its customers about toy products, produced in conditions of safety and humanities, workers are treated fairly in the workplace failure risk and long-term sustainability. This is one of the factors that the top priority of foreign companies question the need to find a reliable manufacturer in Vietnam.


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  • 06/04/2015