Food Container L927
Food Container L927
Food Container L927
Food Container L927
Food Container L927
Food Container L927
ID: l927
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Dimension: 3314 x 211.7 x 117 mm

Capacity: 5000 ml


100% PP plastic, roon silicon, non-BPA plastic.


Used to contain food, grain, rice or bean…


The product is made from 100% PP plastic so it is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, can be assured with food preserved in the box and easy to clean.

Intelligent design, excellent preservation of food

The lid of a box has silicone roon with 4-way locking system which help airtight, keeps food out of tilt and keeps food fresh when not in contact with air which help the food inside is dropped or flowed out. This status does not change even when the container is tilted or dropped.

The lid is fastened thanks to smart silicon wires. With its high elasticity, this silicone layer not only increases friction to keep the lid but also limits the smell of food.

The top of the lid has a sturdy handle for easy transport.

High durability, versatile use

With a scientific design, it can be used for a variety of purposes such as preserving food in the refrigerator, or for making melon or kimchi that's very convenient

The container can be used safely at temperatures from -10oC (14oF) to 120oC (248oF).