Large Disk Rack
Large Disk Rack
Large Disk Rack
Large Disk Rack
ID: j127
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Dimension: Ø 461 x 135 mm


With 100% of the plastic quality, BPA non-contained, non-smell, which does not produce harmful substances during use, that should ensure health safety.


Suitable for using restaurant, family. Mainly used for cups,bowl, crockery,....


The product is durable, can with stand temperatures from -20 to 100 degrees.

The product is less sticky grease, you can easy clean it and preservation.

The upper border of large disk rack is bent to outside. This feature is advantage point to help us to hold or pick it up easily.

Large disk rack is designed big holes will make ventilation for cups, bowl,....

Unique design, elegant, compact and beautiful, plus a handy design to the point of need of a household product.