Pitcher 2.5L
Pitcher 2.5L
Pitcher 2.5L
Pitcher 2.5L
Pitcher 2.5L
Pitcher 2.5L
ID: a819
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Dimension: 190 x 140 x 227 mm

Capacity: 2500 ml


The products use 100% PP plastic, non-BPA plastic material, odorless, which does not produce harmful substances during use, that should ensure health safety.


Using to contain water and ice, convenient for traveling or picnic with friends and family.


The product has a handle that's not hurt the hand when used for a long time. In addition, the product is strong and hard to crack, break when hit hard.

The product has a convenient cap to help protect your drinking water from dirt, bacteria from the outside

The unique design, elegant, compact and beautiful. Besides the handy design that shows the point of need of a household product.

You can take the juices, warm water into the pitcher to drink and easily wash without worrying about getting stick to the juices like orange juice, watermelon juice ..