Small Basket I1022
Small Basket I1022
Small Basket I1022
Small Basket I1022
ID: i1022
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Dimension: 262 x 260 x 289 mm


The products use 100% PP plastic, non-BPA plastic material, odorless, which does not produce harmful substances during use, that should ensure health safety.


Used to keep the bowl, dishes, glasses after washing which can quickly dry and it’s also keep clean kitchen.


The product can withstand temperatures from -20 to 100 degrees.

The unique design, elegant, compact and beautiful. Besides the handy design that shows the point of need of a household product.

Tidy up toys makes the house more orderly and clean.

Containing liquid soap, you can pack up your clothes and make washing easier.

The product's handle design ensures lift easily, faster and more compact. The baskets are designed with large holes to drain easily. Products are less cling oil greasy, easy to clean and preserve.